The 3 best yoga mats

I think I need to start this blog by telling you about my most favourite yoga mat EVER that I stole from a lost and found.

Check out the picture below. Does anyone remember that pink mat from my Instagram? I took it from a lost and found at a yoga studio I worked at because they were going to throw it out (it was kind of old and worn).

This was my yoga mat for about 3 years. It was a cheap no-name brand. I wore to the ground and probably would’ve kept using it but it really started to stink so I had to toss it.

I never had special bag or strap for it (I still don’t use a yoga strap or bag or to carry my mat) and  I would accidentally forget it at different studios all the time. I never used to be into yoga mats and I would ALWAYS show up to classes without my mat.  Guys, I showed up to the Prairie Love Yoga Festival WITHOUT A MAT. I was teaching at the festival and I’m 99% sure I’m the only human who went to the YOGA festival without a YOGA mat. 

I’m sharing this with you because I think it’s hilarious that the number one question I get on social media is, “What yoga mat do you recommend?”

Me, “Uhh, the dirty pink no-name ones. If you’re lucky you can steal one from a lost and found before the studio throws it out!”

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Why the eff would I trust your recommendations now?”

Well, because I’ve had the opportunity to try out lots of mats over the years for various photoshoots or like I mentioned earlier I would often forget my mat places and would have to borrow from a mat from a  friend or rent a studio mat.

Plus ever since I said goodbye to my precious stinky pink no-name mat, I got a new one! 




1.    B MAT FROM B YOGA  ($58 - $102)

This is the mat that I’m currently using and I love it. I have the B MAT Everyday ($82) that is medium thickness. If you prefer a really thick yoga mat that has better cushioning for your knees, B Yoga makes an even thicker one called B MAT Strong.

They also make one that’s super thin called the B MAT Traveller. I actually have the traveller mat as well, but I left it in Vancouver at my boyfriend’s place so I have a mat to use when I’m in BC.


  • It’s VERY grippy (awesome for handstands and forearm balances)

  • It’s light to carry around and still fairly thick and cushy

  • It’s plain and simple

  • It’s durable

  • Variety of colours

  • They have an extra long mat for taller people



  • It shows footprints super easily! It’s easy to wash them off with some mat spray, but for photo shoots it’s not ideal.

  • Natural and synthetic rubber (my next recommendation is all natural).



I’m so excited about this one. A couple years ago I was teaching a community class for lululemon and I forgot my pink mat, so my friends from lulu let me borrow one of theirs. It was green, a super cool texture, nice thickness and it folded up! Pretty cool eh? This year, they launched a new mat that was similar to that green one I was obsessed with!

This one doesn’t exactly fold up, but I think I love it even more. 



  • Grippy

  • It’s light to carry around AND still fairly thick and cushy

  • It’s durable

  • It doesn’t show footprints easily

  • It comes in super cool marble pattern and some beautiful plain colours

  • All natural, sustainably-sourced.



  • Not as much variety as my other recommendations when it comes to colours.



To be completely honest with you guys, I like the Essential Studio Mat from Halfmoon because it reminds me of my pink yoga mat, haha! It’s that simple.

This is the lightest mat to carry around in comparison to my other recommendations. But it's also the slipperiest. That doesn’t bother me because I only get really sweaty in hot yoga and need a towel regardless. If you have sweaty palms in an unheated yoga class, I don't think this is the mat for you. 

Side note: Just over a month ago, Halfmoon purchased B Yoga. So if you go to their website, then you’ll see they offer both brands (B Yoga and Halfmoon). I just wanted to mention that in case there was any confusion.


  • Light and easy to carry around

  • It doesn’t show footprints easily

  • My most affordable recommendation

  • Variety of colours


  • I THINK the rubber is synthetic. I couldn’t find a clear answer on their website, but for their other mat (the Earth Mat) they advertise that it’s 100% natural and biodegradable, so I assume this one is not.

  • Slippery

  • Not super thick and cushy 


I’ve never tried the Earth Mat from Halfmoon ($80), but it does look like a really great option.

There are two more mats I want to mention. Not necessarily recommend to you, because I have yet to try one of them, but they are worth including in this blog post. You know that big thick lululemon mat EVERYONE has?  It’s called the Reversible Mat ($68-$78).  I know so many people who absolutely love this mat. Personally, I think it’s heavy to carry around and I’ve never been a fan. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t. Check it out for yourself.

I’ve also heard that the Harmony Mat from Jade Yoga ($77.50) is really great! I have never personally tried this yoga mat but I think when my B MAT has done it’s time I’d like to try a Harmony Mat from Jade Yoga. They have a great variety of colours to choose from, eco-friendly, made in a sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource. They contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber, and Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat they sell – VERY COOL! After reading about this mat online, I wanted to put it as my number one recommendation but I didn't think that would be right because I haven't tested it out yet!


 Ok, now let me read your mind for a second. You’re wondering which mats are best for hot yoga or unheated yoga, right?

I don’t feel like I have the greatest answer to this question.  I sweat a lot during hot yoga. I know everyone does, but I mean I SWEAT A LOT. I always use a hot yoga towel over my mat in heated classes  no matter what type of mat I'm using. 

I hope this post is helpful for you guys.

To make it even more helpful for other people reading it, leave a comment below with your own recommendations and opinions!

Love Sam


Sara Barnabe