The 10 best sport bras for yoga, running or the gym


I thought I would start my blogging journey with my most requested blog post. According to my Instagram polls over 200 of you want to see more photos of me in a sports bra, I mean you want to know which sports bra is best for what. Can we please get one thing straight before I start blogging on a regular basis? I'm super sarcastic. 

Before I begin, I want to let you know that the only reason I am solely featuring lululemon sports bras is because that's all I ever wear. If I were truly being authentic, why would I recommend clothes I’ve never worn before?

I am an ambassador for lululemon, but I’m not required to solely feature their products.

I’ve always loved lululemon sports bras and because I am an ambassador, they let me borrow a bunch of their newest sports bras for this photo shoot. That way I can show you guys some current styles instead of my old ones that they don’t carry anymore. 



Aka. My all-time favourite sports bras because who likes changing their sports bras twice a day for different activities, right?

Here it is, straight up, the best sports bra you will ever own – THE ENERGY BRA! Do you remember the very first yoga photo I ever posted on Instagram in 2012?

I was actually wearing a red energy bra! Don’t go looking for the photo because it’s gone, plus that would take too long and I know you have better things to do. I archived it because it was an old embarrassing photo. My point is, the energy bra has been around for years and lululemon hasn’t got rid of it yet, because it's amazing. 

I think it’s flattering no matter what size of bra you wear. It’s great for yoga, doesn’t feel restrictive and it’s also supportive enough to run in! Very versatile, which I really like and it comes in a variety of colours. The only downside is that you’ll buy it, love it, go back to lululemon and convince yourself you need the new colour they just came out with.

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (1).jpeg

If this one has too much cleavage for you… you might really like my next recommendation, the TIME TO SWEAT BRA. This one reminds me of the energy bra and feels very similar, but it has a higher neckline and a different criss-cross on the back. Just like the energy bra, this one is supportive but not too restrictive.

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (2).jpeg

Another sports bra that I absolutely love is the SWEAT TIMES BRAI can wear it to yoga to the gym or for a run and it does the job. Plus, the back of it is really pretty and I like the v-cut neckline.

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (3).jpeg

Ok, this next one is for the ladies who claim lululemon doesn’t make sports bras in their size. If you’re bigger than an E, then you're probably be right because this one only goes up to an E cup. But I know plenty of ladies who are a C,D, or E cup size and say they can’t find anything that fits and offers them enough support.  If that sounds like you, check out the ENLITE BRA! I’m a 32D and that’s what I’m wearing in the photo. I love this bra. It's so comfortable and supportive. I’ve heard it stretches out around the band a little bit, so be mindful what size you get and what clip you’re wearing it on.

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (5).jpeg
Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (6).jpeg


I recently purchased the FLOW Y BRA IV. Personally, I wouldn’t run in this one but I still wear it to yoga. It’s so soft, comfy and simple. My only issue with it is that the straps are a little long and it’s not the best sports bra to do handstands in if you know what I’m saying. Which is hilarious, because this is the sports bra I chose to wear for the photo shoot I did for my handstand eBook *FACEPALM. 

Don’t worry, the bra held up fine for the shoot. My eBook launches soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to my email list if you want your free copy! If you have a smaller chest and love a simple and comfy sports bra for yoga,  I think you’d probably love this one.

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (7).jpeg

I have two other recommendations for yoga sports bras but no pictures to go with them, so make sure you click the link to see which ones I’m talking about. I wouldn’t run in either of them, but they’re perfect for yoga, especially hot yoga!



Let’s start with the SPEED IT UP BRA.  This one honestly isn’t my style and I felt like it cut me off in the wrong places, which you might not be able to tell because I draped my arm across my stomach. But I still think this bra would look amazing on the right person. If you're a C or D cup and want a lot of support for running then check out this one, you might really like it. 

I have one other recommendation for a running sports bras but no pictures to go with it, so make sure you click the link to see which one I’m talking about. I have an older sports bra from lululemon that they don’t sell anymore called the RUN YOUR STUFF BRA. The STASH N’ RUN BRA is a new style that reminds me of it.



Last but not least, the PUSHING LIMITS BRA.

This next one looked so pretty on the mannequin in the store and model online, but I did not feel comfortable it. Now as I’m writing this blog and I go to find the link for you guys, I just read online: “This bra is intended to provide light support for an A/B cup yoga enthusiast.”

Meanwhile, I prefer medium support and I’m definitely not an A or B cup.

Way to go Sam…

At least I did the research for you guys, and now you get to see what it looks like on someone who it’s not made for, haha!

But it is a gorgeous bra and would look great on the right person, perhaps an a/b cup yoga enthusiast?

Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (9).jpeg
Sports+bra+_+Sam+D+Squire (10).jpeg

Well, I hope this was helpful and you feel more confident in purchasing your next sports bra. If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you –

Sara Barnabe