5 ways meditation can help you kick ass at life


Do you feel stuck? Lost? Confused? Not sure what the right decision is when it comes to important life choices?

If you don’t feel like this right now, have you ever?

If the answer is still no, then what kombucha are you drinking? Hook. Me. Up.

I'm kidding. If you haven’t read my blog before, I’m sarcastic – get used to it.

Ok, meditation equals magic. It’s really that simple. It will solve all the world’s problems and help you kick ass at life.

It’s my goal to help you unlock your full potential, and I actually know how to help you do it! But you’ve got to be open to meditation. You have to sit your ass down on a cushion (or lay in your bed whatever) and do the work – even if it’s only five minutes a day.

5 ways meditation can help you kick ass at life:


Clarity is everything. When you’re clear, you make good decisions that are in alignment with your goals, dreams and the person you want to be. Do you ever make a decision, and then after you’re like, “why did I do that?”

Like when you said yes to that second date even though the dude was a giant walking red flag. How about when you made that really unnecessary extravagant purchase? Or took that job that you later realized was so NOT YOUR JAM.

If you want to get clear, tap into your intuition, unlock your true potential, make decisions that will feel good and keep you on the right path you need to start building a meditation practice!



For example, one time I sent out a mass email about meditation on a Friday at midnight when it wasn't supposed to go out until the next morning. WHOOPS. I could be upset about it, frustrated, embarrassed because probably think I'm pretty stupid. Or I could acknowledge that it's just an email, it's not a big deal and go about my day kicking ass at life rather than dwelling on it. 

If you meditate consistently, over time you’ll notice stuff that used to bother you just won’t anymore. And when you don’t spend time focusing on little mishaps it creates more time for you to kick ass at life, plus you’ll feel more positive, which means you’ll be more energized too.



There is a style of meditation that I hold close to my heart and that’s Yoga Nidra.  

I experienced it for the first time in Greece when I did my yoga teacher training. I had a crazy experience with it and have been curious about this magical practice ever since. I read books, practised EVERY day.

Yoga Nidra brings you into this state of consciousnesses where your body is asleep and your mind is awake. It allows you to access your subconscious mind (aka the spot with all the answers to everything you ever need to know). It is like a huge filing cabinet that stores all pleasant and unpleasant experiences, habits, visual images, information from your past lives, from birth to childhood and present adult life.  When people deal with trauma, it can get locked away in the subconscious mind. Yoga Nidra can help release it. There is this specific type of Yoga Nidra called iRest, which was created by Dr Richard Miller and it's used to treat war veterans to help them heal from PTSD.  

Even if you do not deal with PTSD, Yoga Nidra can still offer you so many great benefits.  I find it to be very helpful when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety. I know stress and anxiety are two of the biggest things that hold me back when it comes to kicking ass at life, which is definitely one of the reasons why I meditate every day. 



There are many ways to re-program your brain and meditation is one of them. When you meditate, you create new neural pathways in your brain, which changes the programs in your unconsciousness mind and helps you acquire knowledge in life. If you’re not learning, your brain is literally shrinking. If you want to kick ass at life, I imagine you want to keep learning and growing right? Well, meditation can help you re-program your brain so you can do just that! You can also re-program your mind using meditation and positive affirmations and visualization techniques! I might dive deeper into this topic on a future blog or email, so stay tuned and feel free to let me know if you'd be interested in that. 



Meditation helps reduce stress and one of the main reasons people have trouble sleeping is because of stress. When you're stressed you're probably tense and can't stop thinking about your to-do list, which can make it really hard to fall asleep. 

One of my favourite books is The Ripple Effect by Dr. Greg Wells. The first section is all about sleep and it had a huge impact on my life and my sleep routine. He does a great job at explaining how sleep directly impacts all areas of our health and well-being. He also talks about various benefits of meditation and improving your sleep is one of them!

When you sleep better and truly feel well-rested, you're healthier, happier and more energized.

It's time to jump on the meditation train (if you haven't already).

Meditation is for people who want to kick ass at life. It’s for people who want to get unstuck, stop repeating bad habits, break old patterns, improve their health, their wealth, their lifestyle, their relationships and unlock their full potential.

If you weren't excited about how life-changing meditation can be before, I hope you are now.

Meditation is one of those things you have to experience first-hand to know what I mean when I say, meditation is magic. 

If you're ready to give it a go, please sign up for my emails. Tomorrow at noon I'm giving away all the tools to help get you started and to break through any barriers you might have when it comes to meditation. 




Sara Barnabe