Ford EcoSport in Nova Scotia & creating your best life



A couple years ago, I was sitting in one of my university classes scrolling through Instagram thinking to myself, “Everyone is travelling, except me. How are they doing that!? Why can’t I do that?”

Let’s back up a second. Why did I ever think that I couldn’t? Well, because that was the story I told myself. That was my limiting belief.

Every day we create our own stories, and our thoughts become our reality. Every moment we have the power to create our own lives — our best lives.

Ever since I started exploring yoga and meditation, personal development has been at the forefront, and getting rid of limiting beliefs has been a priority. We only get one shot in this lifetime to make an impact, create change, inspire, uplift, motivate, share our gifts and be of service to the world.

Realizing this has helped me eliminate self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

For example, I travelled quite a bit this year, something that I used to think I could never do. Over the past year, I’ve been to Vancouver four times … because my boyfriend lives there. But I’ve also been to L.A., Arizona and Nova Scotia.




Most recently I was in Nova Scotia testing out Ford’s new SUV, the EcoSport, as part of the 2018 EcoSport Cross-Canada Tour. The tour started in St.John’s Newfoundland, and it ends in Tofino, British Columbia with different influencers covering each leg of the Cross-Canada Tour. I brought my friend Alex along for the journey, and our leg of the tour was from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Back in October 2017, I had the opportunity to work with Ford and I was so excited they called on me again to take part in the Cross-Canada Tour.

When we left Halifax, two new people arrived who will drive to Charlottetown. What an incredible way to welcome this little baby into the country! To follow along make sure you check out the hashtag #FordEcoSport

For those of you who know me, you know I usually drive small cars and feel a little intimidated by SUVs. To my surprise, driving the EcoSport felt like driving a car but it had the functionality of an SUV. It was perfect for driving through the Cape Breton Highlands but also easy to get around in downtown Halifax, and the touchscreen navigation system made it even better. The SUV also has sensors on the side mirrors and a backup camera, which made me feel super confident whether we were driving on the highway or travelling down tight side streets.


We planned on taking the EcoSport on a ferry to explore Cape Breton, but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in our favour and the ferry wasn’t running.

After that, we thought we’d grab some breakfast but every place we stopped at along the way was closed! Apparently nothing opened until June 1, so we lived off crackers and hummus until we got to Halifax.

We did pass one restaurant with a sign saying, “Open every day of the week, except Tuesdays.”

… It was a Tuesday by the way.

I wish we took a picture of the sign, but we were so hungry we just kept driving. Thank goodness the EcoSport had built-in Wi-Fi so we could download some of our favourite podcasts to distract us from how hungry we were. Lately, I’ve been listening to Ashley Wood’s podcast called Manifest This.

Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (2).jpeg
Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (3).jpeg

As much as I loved the built-in Wi-Fi, I think my favourite feature was the automatic wiper blades. We experienced this feature to the fullest since it was raining on and off for about five hours of our drive.

The next adventure we planned was a hike along the Skyline Trail. I don’t mean to fool you with this picture, but the hiking trail was closed too. We hopped over the sign and tried to hike anyway, but we didn’t make it very far.

We weren’t having the best of luck, but believe it or not we were still having the greatest time.

Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (4).jpeg
Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (5).jpeg


As soon as we checked in at our hotel in Halifax, we dropped everything and went for a sunset run along the Harbour Waterfront. Nothing beats running alongside the ocean. It was pretty magical.  

That night we went for dinner at the Five Fishermen. If you’re ever in Halifax, I highly recommend it.

I’m salivating right now just thinking about the halibut and my Serial Killer stout. 

I feel obligated to let you know that the restaurant is haunted just in case that sort of stuff scares you. This fine-dining restaurant used to be a mortuary. Even our server who was a bit of a skeptic said he has seen some pretty spooky stuff happen. If you’re interested in ghost stories you can read a little more about the history of the Five Fishermen here.

Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (7).jpeg

This was my very first time exploring the East Coast thanks to Ford. I can confidently say that I will be back! I can also confidently say that the EcoSport is an incredible vehicle, especially for people like me who need to zip around the city but like to go exploring on the weekends. Congratulations to Ford for welcoming the EcoSport to Canada. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to follow the vehicle’s journey as it makes its way across the country!




If you’re in class scrolling through my Instagram or reading this blog post wondering how the eff I’ve taken seven trips in twelve months here’s what I would tell you: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Maybe you dream of travelling. Maybe you dream of owning a Ford EcoSport or an F-150. Maybe you dream of passing that exam you have in a couple weeks.

Whatever it is that you’re thinking about, just remember, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

You have the power to create your life. Just think that you can, and you will.

Ford+EcoSport+Cross-Canada+Tour+_+Nova+Scotia+_+Sam+D+Squire (8).jpeg
Sara Barnabe