3 ways to get unstuck fast

If you only have time to read one of my blogs, let this be it. Bookmark it, save the link or take a screen shot of it. Come back to it on a day that you don’t feel so great because I know it will help!


1. Listen to audiobooks that make you feel good, motivated and inspired 
Audiobooks are great because you can listen when you’re at the gym, on a run, in the car or just hanging out in your room. When I feel stuck, my energy is pretty low and it’s hard to sit down and read a paperback. The two audiobooks I recommend when you’re feeling stuck are You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero or The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

2. Put your phone on airplane mode and get outside and embrace nature
Chances are you’re feeling stuck because you’re stressed out and overstimulated.
Is your phone constantly going off with text messages, group chats, emails and notifications? Turn it on airplane mode or leave it at home so you’re not tempted to check it and go outside. Nature works wonders on your mood, creativity and can help you reduce stress. You don’t need to immerse yourself in a forest or the ocean to experience the benefits of nature, just get outside and go for a little walk.

3. Create a mantra and repeat it daily
Your thoughts create your reality. Create a mantra that represents the reality you want to manifest for yourself.

Instead of “I’m stressed” try “I am calm.”
Instead of  “I’m not creative” try “I am creative.”
Instead of  “I feel stuck” try “I am free.”

Say it, write it, feel it and watch yourself get unstuck and back on track.

A couple of other tactics I use to get unstuck are yoga and meditation. That's why I teach yoga and meditation and why I ever created the Soul Squad!

If you’re feeling stuck the last piece of advice I have to share is this: you’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now and everything will be ok. Give yourself a hug and remember you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got, we all are.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below or send me an email - hello@soulsquadcommunity.co



Sara Barnabe