The link between meditation & success

There are so many incredible benefits when it comes to meditation and a strong correlation between meditation and success.

For this blog post, I reached out to Giovanna Minenna, founder of Brows by G. She's a speaker, coach, entrepreneur and friend of mine who believes in the power of meditation.

When I asked her what success means to her she said, “My definition of success may be different from the typical entrepreneur. To me it has never been about how much money you make or what type of car you drive. I’lI define success by how happy I am, how aligned I am with my values, and how I can impact the world in a positive way by showing up as my best self. To be alive is success, to laugh and enjoy is success. In simple terms purpose and freedom are success.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself - purpose and freedom are success. So, how do we find our purpose? How do we allow ourselves to feel free and experience the sensation of freedom?

One answer, and in my opinion one of the most effective tactics is meditation.

We know our purpose, even when we think we don’t. It’s something we’re born with and spend our entire lives uncovering. I don’t think it’s an issue of finding a purpose, it’s a matter of finding clarity and peeling back layers to discover what our purpose already is. Freedom is a mindset, a feeling, an emotion, an experience etc. So often, we get trapped in our own minds and create these limiting beliefs that aren’t actually true. Building a sustainable, daily meditation practice helps us re-program our brain and get rid of those limiting beliefs that hold us back from fulfilling our purpose and finding success.

Giovanna also said, “When we are balanced, calm, and clear, things flow more easily. This is why I believe that meditation has a strong correlation to success. When we create space for ourselves, we will show up as a better versions of ourselves.”

When we feel foggy, lost, unclear and a little stuck, it becomes easy for other people around us and society to define success for us. That's when some people end up in the wrong job, wrong career, wrong relationship etc. I think meditation is strongly correlated to success because meditation helps us get to know ourselves. The better we know ourselves the better we can define success for ourselves and everyone defines success differently.

To sum it up, the link between meditation and success is mental clarity and turning inward to discover who you truly are so that you can know your authentic self and define what success means to you.

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Thanks for reading!



Sara Barnabe