Healing through synchronicity


Sam here! Today I have a really special story to share with you. Jen Kreitz, who has been a member of the Soul Squad from the beginning, sent me an email reflecting on her experience being a part of a Soul Squad photo shoot a few months ago.

When I read it, I got goosebumps. I cried. But even though Jen and I have a personal connection, I realized her story could probably give a lot of people goosebumps and inspire them too.

Even if you don’t know Jen personally, I know her story will give you all the feels as well. It’s one of Jen’s goals to help people recognize their own inner-strength and share what’s possible through meditation, mindfulness, self-care and self-love.

So, today’s blog post is a little different than our usual blog posts, but it’s an inspiring story worth sharing.


I have to share my insight with you because you helped make it happen.

The last time I remember seeing my dad and getting a hug from him was when I was running the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon three years ago, just four months before he died. My parents have a place down south. They left for their winter home in Texas the day after the half marathon, and none of us could have ever imagined that it would be the last time I would see my dad. He was on vacation with my mom in Phoenix, visiting my aunt and uncle and some other family. He died very peacefully but unexpectedly in his sleep. My mom went to wake him for their round of golf, and he was gone. His heart just stopped beating. I think of him every day and miss him of course, but I have never been angry about him not being here physically because I know he is still here in spirit. I see him, hear him and feel him everywhere. Hope that makes sense.

The WFPS race weekend is always a little sentimental to me, and you happened to plan your time in Winnipeg for the same weekend. Coincidence? Nope. You picked blue for the photo shoot — also my dad’s favourite colour. Compliments about my top? It’s one my dad liked too. I am not in the same age demographic as the other lovely ladies who were in the photo shoot — don't get me wrong, everyone was super welcoming, but I am just not the typical Soul Squader — so I felt a little out of place. But now I know the real purpose for me being there. It was so my dad could give me an "Atta boy, girl!" which was one of his favourite sayings. He would have known how hard it was for me to put myself out there, out of my comfort zone, but he also would have applauded me for joining the Soul Squad and doing something just for myself. There were so many times my dad came into my world that photo shoot weekend — it was incredible!

The most mind-blowing experience was when I walked down the stairs after the photo shoot and saw a vintage Motor Coach Industries jacket framed in the doorway of the antique shop. My dad worked at Motor Coach for 40 years! The jacket was perfectly placed for me to see. What are the chances of the shop owner positioning it there, on the day that I was in the building?! Synchronicity. It was a manifestation of my dad, my biggest supporter and someone who never stopped believing in me. I felt a warmth take over my whole body, and it sucked me into the shop. I had to go touch the jacket. Yup, I cried. It was my dad saying hello and how proud he is of me. So, I took this message to mean that my dad approves of everything I am doing to take care of myself and to believe in myself, something he knows I’ve struggled with since I was a teenager.

Thank you Sam, for guiding me to a place of self-acceptance and self-love. It's a place my dad always wanted me to be.

I even hit a personal best at the WFPS half the next day! 1 hour and 52 minutes — the exact time I had written in my journal. I must have repeated my mantra a billion times in my head — I am strong, I am strong — and it worked! Thank you!

Big thanks and big hugs for Jen for sharing her story with us.

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Jen (first on the left)

Jen (first on the left)

Nicole (left) | Jen (right)

Nicole (left) | Jen (right)