Bonus Material

August’s Bonus: QUESTIONNAIRE (for self-development)

When it comes to self-development, we often turn inward and contemplate and reflect on various questions, which is very helpful! But, believe it or not, having close friends and family members answer questions about you can also help you open your eyes, learn more about yourself and grow.

If this seems cheesy or weird to you or maybe you’re nervous to send these questions to people in your life and say, “Hey can you please fill this questionnaire out about me when you have a chance please?” TRUST US, give it a try. We’re confident that you will be pleasantly surprised when you get those questionnaires back from people! Once you get them back, your job is to simply read, reflect and notice how you feel.

Rather than providing a PDF, we simply wrote the six questions below so it’s easy for you to copy and paste them and send them to the important people in your life. Try getting at least five people to fill it out for you if possible! :)


  1. What do you appreciate the most about me?

  2. What do you wish I would appreciate more about myself?

  3. When do I appear to be the most motivated and/or inspired?

  4. What do you find the most challenging about me?

  5. What’s one thing you believe I could master in my lifetime?


Bonus 5-minute meditation mini

Sometimes, we don’t have time to meditate for 30 minutes. But that’s ok, I promise a little bit is better than nothing and even as little as five minutes a day can have a profound impact on your mindset, your productivity, your life and your relationships.

Download your meditation mini below!