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Soul Squad Community Meditation

In the Soul Squad Community, we focus on two styles of meditation:

1. Mindfulness Meditation -
Traditionally done seated, but you can lay down if you choose!

2. Yoga Nidra Meditation - Always done laying down. If you’re pregnant or uncomfortable on your back body, you can lay on your side body.

Mindfulness is key to staying grounded and living in the present moment. Yoga Nidra is a deep, healing and restorative meditation practice that helps you restore your nervous system, reprogram your brain and reduce chronic stress and anxiety. Together the two meditation practices become even more transformational. Mindfulness helps train you to pay attention, to listen and it helps bring you into a softer and more receptive state. When you can listen to your yoga Nidra audios more attentively in a mindful present state it helps the practice sink in even deeper and you’ll be able to stay awake and pay attention to the entire practice.

Throughout the Soul Squad, you will receive one new meditation audio per month! They will vary between mindfulness based practices and yoga nidra practices.