OCtober’s yoga video: slow is the new strong

This 20-minute yoga video is gentle, nourishing and flowy! We think that rest is the new hustle and slow is the new strong.

Please don’t forget to download your video if you want to keep it forever! Private link to download it is below.


Vinyasa yoga tutorial

For beginners or anyone who needs a refresher on how to flow through a vinyasa.

During the 20-minute yoga videos, sometimes I will cue for a vinyasa and I won’t go every step every time. If you’re not too sure what a vinyasa is and what your form should love and feel like, sit down and watch the video tutorial below! You do not need to follow along to the video, it’s meant to be informational!

You do not need to download this video. It will always remain on this page throughout the year.